Diving into the Netpbm sources as I’m currently endeavoring to enhance swift-geometrize’s capability to read and write .PPM files, I stumbled upon the dither.h source file. Quite intriguing! Within it, I discovered a reference to the book “Digital Halftoning” by Robert Ulichney, MIT Press, ISBN 0-262-21009-6. This book is rooted in the PHD thesis (1986) Digital Halftoning and the Physical Reconstruction Function. From what I could discern, both the book and the thesis are closely intertwined in terms of content. I’ll retain these references for when I integrate dithering into swift-geometrize.

When I searched for a “Digital Halftoning” book, I stumbled upon “Beyond Photography: The Digital Darkroom” by Gerard J. Holzmann, published in 1988, the same year I began my studies. It contains numerous intriguing examples of bitmap transformations that could be worth reproducing, either within swift-geometrize package or as part of a separate Bitmap package.