Puffed LiPo Batteries - Oops! Puffing is caused by gassing of the electrolyte or electrolyte decomposition.

TIL about Text Fragments to select part in URL. E.g. https://www.rchelicopterfun.com/puffed-lipo.html#:~:text=Some%20feel%20once%20a%20LiPo,and%20must%20be%20disposed%20of. opens page with text fragment selected.

Explanation Boldly link where no one has linked before: Text Fragments, Draft URL Fragment Text Directives.

Read RC LiPo Batteries. How to get the most life & fun out of them!. The website itself RC HELICOPTER FUN is dedicated to helicopters but has a lot of useful information related to RC models.

Simple data pipeline powertools: sqlite, pandas, gnuplot and friends. Why my favourite API is a zipfile on the European Central Bank’s website.

TIL Bokeh.

Read Using Uninitialized Memory for Fun and Profit

This is the story of a clever trick that’s been around for at least 35 years, in which array values can be left uninitialized and then read during normal operations, yet the code behaves correctly no matter what garbage is sitting in the array.

Browsed paper An Efficient Representation for Sparse Sets.

swift-collection has an issue discussing possible addition of Sparse Set.

Watched Betaflight 4.4 Tuning Guide + Tips and Tricks for the BEST tune! This include PID tuning.