TIL gha-setup-swift for automating installation of the Swift toolchain for Windows hosts on GitHub Actions runners.

TIL list of Mission Commands for ArduPilot plane. The most important ones for creating looping missions are following. DO_JUMP. param1 - index of waypoint to jump to, param2 - number of times that the DO_JUMP command will execute before moving to the next sequential command. If the value is zero the next command will execute immediately. A value of -1 will cause the command to repeat indefinitely. ‘DO_CHANGE_SPEED’. param1 - speed type (0 = Airspeed, 1 = Ground Speed), param2 - target speed (m/s). If airspeed, a value below or above min/max airspeed limits results in no change. a value of -2 uses AIRSPEED_CRUISE, param3 - throttle as a percentage (0-100%). A value of 0 or negative indicates no change.

TIL DO_JUMP command in ArduPilot Mission Planner cannot be the last command in a mission: Problem with DO_JUMP in mission planner.