TIL The SwiftUI Field Guide very nice visual guide on SwiftUI modifiers.

Refreshed knowledge of property wrappers in Swift by reading Property wrappers in Swift. Has good example of @UserDefaultsBacked.

Read Screen vs View in SwiftUI post about how to split SwiftUI views into separate source files and how to name source files. Use *Screen.swift rather then *View.swift for views responsible for whole screen. Extract SwiftUI views into separate files only if they are used in several places. Makes sense for big projects as mean to keep count of files under control.

TIL setters in Swift could be nonmutating as well as getters could be mutating. It is unusual even for Xcode - it cannot highlight code properly:

Swift nonmutating setter

Git Tips 1: Oldies but Goodies. Oh, it’s possible to have git config for some folders which will work for all sub-folders. So I could finally tune git config for my working folder and it will not interfere with the rest.

git push --force-with-lease is nice feature. git config --global column.ui auto as well which makes git branch output much nicer:

git branch
  cicd/build-ubuntu-workflow          fix/reserveCapacity
* feature/asynciterator               main
  feature/bitmap-orientation          minusone
  feature/bresenham                   refactor/bounds
  feature/incremental-export          refactor/bresenham
  feature/string-shapetype            refactor/cleanup
  feature/strokeWidth                 refactor/clear-shape
  fix/accesscontrol                   refactor/comment-color-perception
  fix/assert                          refactor/main
  fix/downsample-public               refactor/shape-equality

I don’t fully understand git push --signed but I will give it a try on my next push.