TIL what is Balun. It’s from balanced to unbalanced, originally, but now dated from balancing unit. It’s an electrical device that allows balanced and unbalanced lines to be interfaced without disturbing the impedance arrangement of either line.

TIL Odometry - is the use of data from motion sensors to estimate change in position over time. The word odometry is composed of the Greek words odos (meaning “route”) and metron (meaning “measure”).

TIL what is Rotary encoder.

Came across Agilicious: Open-Source and Open-Hardware Agile Quadrotor for Vision-Based Flight.

Read Deep Drone Acrobatics.

Read How to avoid common problems with charts.

Came across great answer for the question Is putting your favicon.ico file in a non-root path a bad idea?.

TIL Vapor 4 supports SSL (TLS), despite of Vapor 3 which needed Ngnx for this.