Browsed dbus specification.

TIL what is UNIX_FD. Here is ChatGPT’s answer on question “What is UNIX_FD?” The answer is much better then Google search results.

UNIX_FD typically refers to a file descriptor in Unix-like operating systems. In Unix, everything is treated as a file, and file descriptors are a way to represent and manage I/O resources, such as files, pipes, sockets, etc.

A file descriptor is a non-negative integer that uniquely identifies an open file within a process. The three standard file descriptors are:

0: Standard Input (stdin) 1: Standard Output (stdout) 2: Standard Error (stderr)

Additional file descriptors can be opened for other purposes.

I like terms Marshalling/Demarshalling.

TIL about NSAppClipRequestEphemeralUserNotification, ephemeral push notifications to which there’s no need to request user permission.