TIL how to download file with CLI on macOS. I tried to download a video file hosted on github. wget got 404 while curl downloaded file successfully.

wget url-to-file
curl -o url-to-file

Watched How To Start a Mission Using Pymavlink.

Installed Gazebo Garden for macOS. Didn’t work on macOS for me. Ended up with openning issue Fail to start shapes.sdf on macOS after fresh install.

Read about ArduPilot’s Flight Modes.

Watched WWDC 2022 video Create macOS or Linux virtual machines. Same in form of article: Creating and Running a Linux Virtual Machine. Absolutly marvelouse sample code Running GUI Linux in a virtual machine on a Mac.

This sample code project demonstrates how to install and run GUI Linux virtual machines (VMs) on a Mac.

The Xcode project includes a single target, GUILinuxVirtualMachineSampleApp, which is a macOS app that installs a Linux distribution from an ISO image into a VM, and subsequently runs the installed Linux VM.

Ubuntu desktop image for ARM could be found here.

No Virtual desktop, no Parallels Desktop anymore!

No Virtual desktop, no Parallels Desktop anymore!.