TIL how to mount on a mac a folder from remote machine:

sudo sshfs -o 'allow_other,gid=NNN,uid=MMM' user-on-remote@remotehost:/folder /mountpoint/folder

TIL id CLI command which among others prints numeric values for user id (UID) and group id (GID). I needed these for sshfs.

Mount point for sshfs should be preliminary created as:

sudo mkdir -p /mount/point
sudo chown -R $USER:staff /mount/point/

I don’t get why chown is needed. For me it didn’t change any rights.

I don’t know if sshfs needs any fuse software for its use. I installed previously extFS from Paragon to be able to read flashcards formatted for Linux.

It’s interesting that extFS from Paragon is the only software for mac to read/write Linux volumes which I was able to make work. And it costed me 39.95$. It’s might be viable idea to make an app for this. It’s about implementing linux FUSE interface. Mounting volumes from cloud services like Google Cloud or S3 bucket - another application where FUSE could be used. CloudMounter works this way.

TIL what FUSE stands for in macFuse, fuseFS and so on. FUSE stands for Filesystem in Userspace which originates in Linux. How to mount and manage non-native file systems in OS X with FUSE.

Useful link on topic The reference implementation of the Linux FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) interface.