Swift on Windows is bizarre. Updated Swift to 5.8 and Swift Package Manager stopped to work. I have openned issue.

Documentation at https://www.swift.org/getting-started/ has paragraph how to repair:

Repairing after Visual Studio Updates If Visual Studio is updated, you may have to repair the installation. See Microsoft’s instructions for repairing installed programs.

It’s not clear exactly what has to be “repaired” and how.

Here are the steps.

  • Launch Control Panel.
  • In Control Panel launch Programs and Features.
  • In Programs and Features find Swift Developer Package for Windows x86_64.
  • Right click on Swift Developer Package for Windows x86_64 and click Change in contectual menu.
  • In launched installer click Repair and follow instructions.

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After these steps swift build builds package normally.

Bookmarking repo for IceCubesApp iOS app, it’s iOS client for Mastodon. It’s quite big production app build with SwiftUI.

Bookmarking Building Large-Scale Apps with SwiftUI: A Guide to Modular Architecture.