TIL Using the __cleanup__ variable attribute in GCC. __cleanup__ allows you to define a function to be called when the variable goes out of scope (for example, before returning from a function).

Reread again Underscored Attributes Reference @_alwaysEmitIntoClient, while working on PR [stdlib] Add to Unsafe[Mutable]RawBufferPointer implementation of _custom[Last]IndexOfEquatableElement.

TIL how to change message in one of old commits: git rebase -i <commit_sha> , <commit_sha> is the sha of one commit before the commit to be changed. Then pick should be changed to reword for commit where message hould be changed. After save new dialog for editing commit message will be open.

Holy shit! Xcode shows column number of cursor in editor. I used to Xcode not showing column. Taday I googled for it to learn that it shows:

Xcode screenshot