TIL how good Swift runtime detecting non-exclusive access:

swift run -c release integration-test --compact
Building for production...
Build complete! (0.08s)
Simultaneous accesses to 0x102540640, but modification requires exclusive access.
Previous access (a modification) started at integration-test`PNGIntegrationTests_main + 96 (0x102512684).
Current access (a read) started at:
0    libswiftCore.dylib                 0x000000019a4f806c swift::runtime::AccessSet::insert(swift::runtime::Access*, void*, void*, swift::ExclusivityFlags) + 432
1    libswiftCore.dylib                 0x000000019a4f8294 swift_beginAccess + 84
2    integration-test                   0x0000000102513944 static Test.decode(path:premultiplied:) + 320
3    integration-test                   0x0000000102513430 static Test.decode(_:subdirectory:) + 384
4    integration-test                   0x0000000102513408 closure #1 in closure #1 in static Test.cases.getter + 28
5    integration-test                   0x000000010251dc88 test(_:cases:name:) + 468
6    integration-test                   0x000000010251a0f4 commonMain(commandLineArguments:options:filters:testCases:) + 608
7    integration-test                   0x0000000102512624 PNGIntegrationTests_main + 144
8    dyld                               0x000000018c10b460 start + 2544
Fatal access conflict detected.
zsh: abort      swift run -c release integration-test --compact

TIL about github codespaces. Interesting stuff. Unfortunately, I am not web-developer. May be, occasionally I could use it for Jupyter notebooks.

TIL about Manim, animation engine for explanatory math videos, like 3Blue1Brown.

TIL about shields.io github for whatever could be shown on shields.

TIL that Digital Ocean this year introduced DigitalOcean Functions, analogue of AWS lambdas: DigitalOcean Enters the Serverless Arena with DigitalOcean Functions. DigitalOcean Functions documentation. Unfortunately, no Swift support so far. List of supported runtimes could be checked anytime with doctl serverless status --languages.