Learned how to install/use Sublime Text on Windows. Forgotten experience for me. Most of time nowdays I have access only to Windows computer. But it doesn’t stop me from learning.

Read Swift forum thread Introduce embedded development using Swift. Very interesting reading.

Read On the road to Swift 6.

Read Swift Numerics which introduces Real and Complex. And in future it’s supposed to add ShapedArray - equivalent of numpy’s ndarray, Fixed-size integers larger than Int64 (some time ago I wanted to use Int128 and was surprised there’s no such type in Swift).

From one of above leared about μSwift.

Read C Isn’t A Programming Language Anymore. “C is an inscrutable implementation-defined mess”. “C is the lingua franca of programming.” Target triples, like aarch64-apple-ios-sim.

Side-reading What’s wrong with Raspberry Pi (in Russian) about (Microsoft own closed sourced) ThreadX real-time OS which runs Raspberri Pi under the hood.

Starting experimenting with Websites using Swift and AWS Lambda.