Watched WWDC 2020 session video Unsafe Swift. Learned:

  • unsafelyUnwrapped exists and could be used like: print(optionalInt.unsafelyUnwrapped). In optimised builds it doesn’t check optional for being not nil like force unwrap is doing. In debug builds it behaves like force unwrap.

  • in most cases withUnsafeMutablePointer and alike are not needed when interoperating with C APIs. Swift arrays and strings could be used directly, - compiler generates necessary code. I havn’t known that.

Watched WWDC 2020 session video Safely manage pointers in Swift.

Read Guarantee (in-memory) tuple layout…or don’t.

Read What’s new in CryptoKit.

Watched Apple’s employee talk at dotSwift 2020 Cryptography in Swift. TL;DR: it’s about Swift Crypto which is opensource implementation of closedsource CryptoKit.

Read Peter Steinberger’s blog post Logging in Swift. Mostly about accessing log from device programmatically on iOS 14.

Browsed Introducing Swift Cluster Membership. Great that Swift is get widely used on server side!