Bookmarking Building a Synthesizer in Swift which is a follow up of WWDC 2019 session video 510 What’s New in AVAudioEngine. Post is focusing on how the newly announced AVAudioSourceNode can be used to build a musical synthesizer for iOS. Post references complete git repo and Apple sample Building a Signal Generator.

Shortly looked into git repo of Audio Kit Synth One available in the App Store. Here’s more info about the app.

Googling about beat detection with AudioKit came across post Exploring music basics with AudioKit.

How does Shazam work? Music Recognition Algorithms, Fingerprinting, and Processing.

Interesting post from author of Core ML Survival Guide book Upsampling in Core ML.

Tip: At the end of this post there is a handy cheatsheet that lets you look up which Core ML layer to use with your TensorFlow / Keras / PyTorch models.