Special class of apps, Xcode source editor extensions, exist in the mac app store. There’re even paid ones like pretty json formatter. Good to know that!

Here’s tutorial how to create them: Xcode Source Editor Extension Tutorial: Getting Started.

Read NSHipster post on topic XcodeKit and Xcode Source Editor Extensions. It also describes the process of creation of extension.

TODO: watch WWDC 2016 session 414 video Using and Extending the Xcode Source Editor.

Read another NSHipster post RawRepresentable. WTF? enum in Swift can have both raw value and associated value???

Read Objective-C Direct Methods. And linked documentation Using Imported Lightweight Generics in Swift.

Read what is database sharding. Mostly accidentally, not because I needed that.

Learned how to use repo on local machine for CocoaPod. Related post Development Pods. And another similar one Working with CocoaPods Lib Locally. And related CocoaPods documentation .

Read The Illustrated Transformer russian translation. very interesting reading. A lot of illustrations.