Read A first look Apple’s iPadOS multi-tasking improvements.

Read Object serialization in iOS - a systematisation of different formats and types of data serialization in iOS development. Learn then PropertyListEncoder exists along with JSONEncoder.

Read Serialization of enum with associated type. Nothing new. But should practice with it because each time I ran into this I have to google how to do this.

Bookmarking: Siri Shortcuts Practical Tips and Siri Intents.

Read about State restoration in iOS 13. Apple has good Sample Code Restoring Your App’s State.

Read The Swift programming language manual chapter Type Casting.

Side learning:

  • Any can represent an instance of any type at all, including function types.

  • AnyObject can represent an instance of any class type.

Read Checking for Protocol Conformance.

Read Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels. SHOULD means RECOMMENDED. Good to know.

Read Thoughts on iOS Architecture