Read iOS 13: Changes in the ViewController Presentation Style. Condensed. Very short. But not full. What learned?

You must set the modalPresentationStyle property of the view controller that will be presented. If you want to present a navigation controller which contains a view controller, the navigation controller that will be presented must have set the property modalPresentationStyle, instead of the view controller that will be visible.

The code example below makes it clearer how to deal with the presentation style when presenting a navigation controller:

let detailVC = DetailViewController()
let navigationController = UINavigationController(rootViewController: detailVC)
navigationController.modalPresentationStyle = .fullScreen
present(navigationController, animated: true)

Watched Introducing Multiple Windows on iPad.

Watched WWDC 2019 Session 224 video Modernizing Your UI for iOS 13.

Watched WWDC 2019 Session 246 Window Management in Your Multitasking App.

Being iPad user I don’t use these features a lot. That why I had to re-watched Apple iPad Slideout Multitasking Demo at WWDC 2015. This video from Apple support is useful as well How to multitask with Split View on your iPad — Apple Support.

Watched old WWDC 2015 Session 205 Getting Started with Multitasking on iPad in iOS 9. New learned:

  • UIView.readableContentGuide;

  • Window of correct size used by app now could now be created with UIWindow() instead of UIWindow(frame: UIScreen.main.bounds).

Apple in the last video recommends to follow with Adopting Multitasking Enhancements on iPad chapter of iOS programming guide and with sample code AdaptivePhotos: Using UIKit Traits and Size Classes.

TODO: run this tutorial about building CCTV on raspberry Pi.