For the first time looked into type returned by function stride(from:, to:, by:). It returns a struct StrideTo<Element> which conforms to Sequence protocol. Here how declaration begins:

/// A sequence of values formed by striding over a half-open interval.
/// Use the `stride(from:to:by:)` function to create `StrideTo` instances.
public struct StrideTo<Element> where Element : Strideable {

Curious why function is used and not regular constructor?

Another finding that there’s first property. This wasn’t a surprise - I expected to have it. Surprise is that it is not optional. And it is logical for a sequence. Failed to find where this exact first is declared. Xcode is shitty bad in that. And navigating in code manually given nothing. Another surprise - there’s no last. And that’s also logical.

Meetup question: where first accessible from StrideTo is actually declared. Failed to find it in StrideTo itself as well as in Sequence.