Read Identifiable at NSHipster. Not as useless reading as one might think. Post discusses topics like Identifiable vs. Equatable, Identifiable vs. Hashable.

  • Unlike identifiers, hash values are typically state-dependent, changing when an object is mutated.

  • Identifiers are stable across launches, whereas hash values are calculated by randomly generated hash seeds, making them unstable between launches.

Identifiers are unique, whereas hash values may collide, requiring additional equality checks when fetched from a collection.

Identifiers can be meaningful, whereas hash values are chaotic by virtue of their hashing functions.

NSHipster’s posts are always gold!

Jumped to Versions of Universally unique identifier in WiKi. Apple uses Version 4 for UUID. Did know that all UUIDs have version number in them.

As in other UUIDs, 4 bits are used to indicate version 4.

Jumped to Hashable / Hasher.

Exercise: Use sequence function to walk tree.

Sidenote: About here in LinkedIn is really good! I should learn from this.