Switched to use Catalina and after first minutes found out bash got retired and I have to learn to use zsh. Note to future self: just remember to set the shebang in your scripts to #!/bin/zsh - taken from Moving to zsh.

Read The MAESTRO Dataset and Wave2Midi2Wave.

Read Popovers, UINavigationController, and preferredContentSize.

Passed over Trouble with form fields in iOS apps which has short overview of libraries to build forms. Then passed over follow-up Modeling form field.

Passed over All you need to know about UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout.

Passed over Less… Is More? Apple’s Inconsistent Ellipsis Icons Inspire User Confusion.

Read Caching in Swift by John Sundell.

Bookmarking Puma - a set of build utilities to automate mobile application development and deployment.

Browsed The Comprehensive Guide to iOS Context Menus - in iOS 13, context menus replace 3D Touch peek & pop. And it’s really comprehensive with many examples.

Bookmarking SwiftErrorHandler which might get useful soon. SwiftErrorHandler enables expressing complex error handling logic with a few lines of code using a memorable fluent API.

Passed over Writing an Elegant and Extensible Network Stack in Swift.