Read Swift Weekly Brief. Particularly got interested with SR-10855: Added non-ASCII characters to String benchmarking. Now I know what Bicameral scripts are as well as unicameral scripts or unicase. Read also proposal SE-0261: Identifiable Protocol.

Read post Continuous Integration. It brings interesting topic:

You need to build a feature that takes 1,000 lines of code, but you’d like to merge it in in smaller chunks. How can you merge the code in if it’s not finished?

Ultimately, continuous integration isn’t a build server, it’s a mindset. Keep your outstanding branches small and get code into the mainline branch steadily and frequently, and your team will see appreciable yields.

Will point this post when next time I will face review of big PR.

Above post refers this On Code Review. It’s about prioritizing code review above other work. Unexpectedly good post with advice for good review practices, goof review requests and good reviews.

Browsed The Great AVAudioUnitSampler workout. Tomorrow I will be using it to load sound fonts into sampler of audio engine.