Was caught with this quiz answering it wrong. And most developers answer it wrong. Appearance of default case should have made this suspicious! Nice interview question.

objc.io Swift Quiz

Read NSHipster’s UIStackView post. Quite good explanation. Despite I use UIStackView in nearly every app I develop, I have found something new in the post. I have missed this:

To remove an arranged subview that you no longer want around, you need to call removeFromSuperview() on it. The stack view will automatically remove it from the arranged subview list. In contrast, calling removeArrangedSubview(_ view: UIView) on the stack view will only remove the view passed as a parameter from the arranged subview list, without removing it from the subview hierarchy. Keep this distinction in mind if you are modifying the stack view content during runtime.

Nice post CAEmitterLayer about confetti effect. Would wait promised full code to give it a try.

Passed over TensorFlow and CoreML – inference on iOS.

Passed over post Hotswapping Core ML models on the iPhone which describes quite sophisticated techniques of deploying CoreML models.