Watched Auto Layout: WTF to FTW.

  • Fuck! Accessibility identifiers for views are get printed to console by autolayout diagnostics! Which immediately shows views involved with problematic constraints.

  • Just copy autolayout diagnostics from console to and get visual explanation what’s going on.

  • a script as action for symbolic brakepoint could open wtfautolayout page automatically! Nice!

The missing ☑️: SwiftWebUI. Nice! tonight I will give it a try.

LinkPresentation is forgotten hero of WWDC 2019.

Read post about JenkinsHow I set up a Jenkins node for iOS jobs:

Sure it is a pain in the ass to set up and can be annoying to maintain, but it is worth it to have total control of your continuous integration environment. Some cloud solutions are constrained or become difficult if not impossible to customize whereas with Jenkins the only limitation is how much time you have.