Reread The Future of Interaction. It is interesting how it was predicted that Apple is working on declarative UI.

Read Migrating paid app to free app with In-App Purchase. Nice idea of comparing bundle version from receipt with the last version of paid app to make user having paid version subscribed. Post also has links to posts about validate in-app purchase receipt.

Read nice post Promises in Swift for beginners.

Bookmark: this is nice server for faking APIs JSONPlaceholder - Fake Online REST API for Testing and Prototyping.

Watched online WWDC 2019 session 406 Create ML for Object Detection and Sound Classification and session 222 Understanding Images in Vision Framework. Both are very interesting and worth watching again.

Watched online WWDC 2019 session 216 SwiftUI Essentials.

Watched online WWDC 2019 session 704 Core ML 3 Framework.

Watched online WWDC 2019 session 209 What’s New in Machine Learning.