Listened episode 5 of Swift community podcast. Command Line Flags Mentioned:

  • Dump the Swift AST: -parse-ast
  • Dump the Clang AST: -Xclang -ast-dump -fsyntax-only
  • Dump Constraints: -debug-constraints

Browsed mention in podcast post Contributing to Swift — Part 1.

Read mentioned in podcast Slava Pestov’s post The secret life of types in Swift.

Trying to understand aurioTouch sample code came to this post Understanding AurioTouch.

Succeeded to modify aurioTouch sample code have Mel-spectrogram also known as Mel-frequency cepstrum in form of image. This is needed to feed these images to neural network. There’re a lot of samples how to do this in Python with librosa. But no samples how to build mel-spectrogram in Swift or Objective-C.

Watched Swift Talk #154 Markdown Playgrounds: Building a Link Checker. Havn’t got why is it all for.