From UIKonf 2019 talk What to expect when you are templating? Clue’s approach to Backend Driven UIs by Kate Castellano first time heard about server-sent events.

Would be nice to experiment with this Tracking stolen bike by protocol NB-IoT for monitoring sea water temperature. Interesting to know that NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) is supported by many mobile carriers around the world. One battery could power device for a year.

Read NSHipster’s NSDataAsset because met NSDataAsset in one of talks from UIKonf.

Read NSHipster’s CMMotionActivity because it was suggested next article. And then CMDeviceMotion.

Watched episode The Power of Swift for Machine Learning of TensorFlow Meets. Chris mentioned this and I jumped to it to find links to nice jupyter notebooks tutorials for Swift for TensorFlow.

Browsed Swift weekly issue 135.