Read post of Jeremy Howard from C++11, random distributions, and Swift. Interesting to learn what is discrete distribution or triangular distribution.

Side learning:

You might be wondering about the protocol Nullary that’s mentioned above. Perhaps you’ve already heard of unary (a function or operator with one argument), binary (two arguments), and ternary); less known, but equally useful, is the term nullary, which is simply a function or operator with no arguments. As discussed earlier, Swift doesn’t support overloading the () operator, so we add a Nullary protocol using subscript:

    public protocol Nullary {
        associatedtype Element: SignedNumeric
        subscript()->Element { get }

Read Rachel Thomas’ from post Advice for Better Blog Posts. Very useful. One day I will start blogging instead of these logging.

Watched Swift talk #153 Making Impossible States Impossible. Nothing new. Then jumped to referenced Type-Safe File Paths with Phantom Types which was a little bit more useful. And then jumped to original talk Strings Are Evil.

Trying to choose proper library for rendering SVG in iOS app browsed SVG element reference.