Exploring Swift Foundation came across Host class aka NSHost. What? Why a have never heard of it? I remember using something lowlevel like this a couple of years ago. Well, for whatever reason NSHost/Host isn’t available on iOS. But CFHost is. Good to know. One more interesting finding. Host() just crashes. Documentation says:

To create an Host object, use the current(), init(address:), or init(name:) class methods (don’t use alloc and init).

Why then init is public if it shouldn’t be called and just crashes if called?

Should use this in my next app PluggableAppDelegate as AppDelegate replacement.

Watched Swift Talk #116 Building a Custom XML Decoder (Part 2).

Read LilyPond architecture. And bookmarked Erik Sandberg’s master’s thesis Separating input language and formatter in GNU LilyPond for further reading.

Trying to give estimate for complex project I am about to start jumped to Diseconomies of Scale and Lines of Code.

TODO: Dave DeLong’s posts A Better MVC + accompanying repo.