Refreshed Apple Pencil API Handling Input from Apple Pencil and Pencil Interactions.

Read Apple Pencil API. It has model trained on Open Images Dataset. It has traffic sign category. I should give it a try!

It’s interesting to read in [Apple Pencil at]

There is no simple way to know whether a device supports Apple Pencil, whether the user has one, and if it is currently connected. All an app knows is that if it receives a touch event of type UITouchTypeStylus, then an Apple Pencil was connected at that time.

But SO gives smart solution for that which I should check Stackoverflow thread Detect whether Apple Pencil is connected to an iPad Pro.

Interesting essay Apple Pencil Note-Taking: Why You Should Use Apple Notes, actually.

John Sundell Building iPad Pro features in Swift.

TODO: fix this.

TODO: try this and this.

TODO: Write sample app detecting hand-written input of digits on iOS device screen and drawing in bounding box detected character instead of handwriting. Use MNIST detector for that.

TODO: Play with this sample and this.

TODO: go through this tutorial.