Passed through fun post of Marco Arment Why it’s hard to read the time on Infograph.

Passed over Apple docs Logging about unified logging available since iOS 10.0 which I should start using instead of print.

Read post of Peter Steinberger Adding Logging to Crash Reports.

Ideally, we’d love to fully switch to Apple’s os_log API. However, it has one major downside: There’s still no way to access the rolling log to add to the reports that get sent back to us.

I should make some of my websites as AWS Lambdas in Swift Websites using Swift and AWS Lambda. Worth passing through all these stuff.

Just to bookmark useful link A Jekyll theme for automatically generating and deploying landing page sites for mobile apps.

Read Unused localized strings clean up from a Strings file. It’s about open sourced command line tool AbandonedStrings.

Glanced over post about “Subscription Offers”, newly announced for iOS 12.2 feature.

Read short post Grouping elements for better accessibility on iOS.

Read post of member of Zeplin team about detail on how to automate notarizing a macOS app using command line tools.