Re-watched year old Point Free episode Algebraic Data Types.

Watched Some news about contramap by Point Free guys. It’s about giving contramap better name pullback.

Watched dotSwift 2019 short talk The underestimated power of keypaths. That is cool:

    people.sorted(by: their(\.lastName)) // read as 'people sorted by their last names'

That have brought me to The power of key paths in Swift.

And that have brought me to Preventing views from being model aware in Swift. It’s about creating something like UserTableViewCellConfigurator. It has nice use case for dependency injection for avoiding singletons.

And that have brought me to Avoiding singletons in Swift. Again, dependency injection is a solution. There is a solution in post how to start moving away from singletons in a non-disruptive way.

That have brought me to Testing Swift code that uses system singletons in 3 easy steps. It has very good example of testing code which uses ` URLSession.shared` singleton.

Read (yes, starting with John Sundell’s blog I can’t stop) Replacing legacy code using Swift protocols.

Watched Implementing JsonRPC with SwiftNIO. That reminds question about implementing RPC which I was asked at interview in Gnosis.