Implemented SinglyLinkedList in Swift. Just to train implementing tortoise and hare algorithm (aka Floyd’s algorithm) for looking loops in lists. It was good exercise. List it is not something you work often in Swift.

Read interesting post Practical advises, examples and SSH tunnels. Especial gems:

  • reverse tunnel ssh -v -R user@remoteserver
  • copying identity on remote server ssh-copy-id user@remoteserver
  • remote command execution localhost:~$ ssh remoteserver "cat /var/log/nginx/access.log"
  • copy (tared) local folder on remote server tar -cvj /datafolder | ssh remoteserver "tar -xj -C /datafolder"
  • editing remote files locally vim scp://user@remoteserver//etc/hosts (read explanation in #15 there)
  • mounting remote as local folder over ssh sshfs user@remoteserver:/media/data ~/data/ failed to make it work on OSX.