Run all steps of creating screen saver in Swift with help of Saving your screen. Tree lessons learnt:

  • writing screen saver in Swift remember to change Principal class value in Info.plist to ModuleName.ScreenSaverView;
  • set Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries to YES in build settings;
  • never ever use emoji in class name or target name.

Read post Secure Development Is Dead, Long Live Secure Development by Anastasiia Vixentael. Really boring. Zero new knowledge. Post The Weakest Link from the same issue of De Programmatica Ipsum was much more interesting. Not practical, but entertaining.

Nice short post Mac Sandboxing: Privileged File Operations about special keys in entitlements in OSX app bundle to allow out of SandBox file operations. These keys are and

While writing unit tests for Date extension in Parkling app came across post Time traveling in Swift unit tests which helped me a lot. TODO: read follow up post Simple Swift dependency injection with functions.

TIL Playground Graphs. That’s nice!