TIL Amazon S3 vs EBS vs EFS differences between Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, and Amazon EBS. Amazon S3 is a scalable, durable, highly available, publicly accessible data storage. Amazon EBS is a storage for the drives of your virtual machines. Amazon EFS is automatically scalable storage which you can mount EFS to various AWS services and access it from various virtual machines.

Browsed Howto: Automated AWS spot instance provisioning with persisting of data about automating acquiring AWS spot instance and run ML task on it. I should practice it.

Read similar post How to train Deep Learning models on AWS Spot Instances using Spotty?. Should examine spotty github repo if it universal and could actually run whatever I feed it.

One more similar post Deep Learning on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances Without the Agonizing Pain. It mentions another tool for automating routine tasks associated with the management of Spot Instances.