Interesting post Debouncing in Swift while your iOS app is in the background. I have been doing something similar implementing auto-completion, but not for background.

Video from try! Swift NYC 2018 Strings Seven Ways. I should use this:

struct Identifier<Value>: Equatable, Hashable where Value : Equatable & Hashable { 
	private let value: Value 

struct Product { 
	let identifier: Identifier<String> 

Watched Swift Services are Simple from try! Swift NYC 2018 about Kitura.

Watched Super Resolution with CoreML from try! Swift NYC 2018. He has created Framework SuperResolutionKit for this.

Watched Let Them Say What They Want: Adding Siri Shortcuts from try! Swift NYC 2018. It will be useful to re-watch this when I come to implementing this in Parkling.