Read Swift: Why You Should not Use Default Implementations in Protocols and its friend Swift: Alternative to Default Implementations in Protocols.

Watched WWDC 2018 401 session video What’s New in Swift. I watched it already. But here are things which seem new for me:

  • Int.random(in: 0..<10)
  • Float.rand(in: -10.0..<10.0)
  • RandomNumberGenerator protocol which could be passed to random and shuffled
  • #if canImport(UIKit)
  • #if hasTargetEnvironment(simulator)

Watched WWDC 2018 403 session video What’s New in Testing. Nothing new this time, or, better say, nothing close to my current priorities.

Watched WWDC 2018 703 session video Introducing Create ML. Not first time. So nothing new this time. Should give it real try.